Mental Health
Challenges involving emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing, mental healthcare challenges demand urgent attention in our communities. Concerns about the mental health of K-12 students have been underscored by patients
presenting with suicidal ideations as early as elementary school
. Additionally, the older adult demographic faces escalating rates of loneliness and caregiver strain, all while northern Colorado grapples with a shortage of mental healthcare providers.
Cognitive Health
Individuals facing cognitive health challenges struggle with the ability to clearly think, learn, and remember. These community members, and the families who love them, represent another vulnerable subset of our population. Dementia alone will affect one in seven individuals, a statistic expected to triple for individuals aged 40+ in the next two decades.
McKee Wellness Foundation envisions a community where individuals are supported in accessing the mental and cognitive care they need, unencumbered by financial constraints. Programming support will assist with costs including:
* Mental/behavioral healthcare and prescription costs
* Daily living costs for individuals undergoing inpatient or intensive outpatient services
* Support groups to nurture continued care and connectedness
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