Through the graciousness of our donors, we are proud to offer various scholarships that support the Northern Colorado community. The McKee Wellness Foundation Scholarships will be awarded to those that are diligent in their work efforts, philanthropic at heart, and those that show an unwavering devotion to promoting the best qualities in life.

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Education Funds are available for:

Deadline to apply for the 2019 year was March 31, 2019.

Now in our 11th year, the McKee Wellness Foundation has awarded over $550,000 scholarships to residents of Northern Colorado.

As part of its ongoing commitment to wellness, education, and ensuring we provide critical resources to those in our community, the McKee Wellness Foundation annually awards these scholarships to individuals and employees in the McKee Medical Center community. The McKee Wellness Foundation anticipates awarding $50,000 in scholarships annually to the best and brightest our community has to offer. Through the kindness of donors to the McKee Wellness Foundation, high school graduates, adult learners, non-traditional aged students, and family members of McKee employees can take advantage of four scholarship programs to help them live their best life possible.

McKee Volunteer Scholarship

The McKee Volunteer Scholarship is available to assist any employee, volunteer or family member of a current McKee Medical Center employee. This scholarship, generously established by the McKee Volunteer Leadership Council, includes course tuition, books and materials required for course work. It is open to any course of study with an accredited university or community college.

Banner NOCO Scholarship

The Banner NOCO Scholarship is available to assist any employee or family member of Banner Fort Collins, or any northern Colorado Banner Health Clinic. This scholarship includes course tuition, books and materials required for course work. It is open to any course of study with an accredited university or community college.

Marcellus Healthcare Scholarship

Mrs. Florence Marcellus knew that education was one of the factors determining an individual’s future success and quality of life. To encourage Loveland residents to pursue a formal education in healthcare, her family established the Marcellus Healthcare Scholarship. The Scholarship has been established for anyone who is/will be pursuing a formal education in any healthcare-related field. Its goal is to help the McKee community take the first steps toward a brighter future by providing them with support to pursue educational opportunities that can impact the community for generations to come.

Marge Schafer Nursing Scholarship

The Marge Schafer Nursing Scholarship was established by Val and Bill McCullough to honor McKee nurse, Marge Schafer. Because of Marge’s selfless generosity, the McCullough’s established this scholarship in her honor to annually award individuals who have been accepted into an accredited nursing program with plans to complete a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in nursing.

Nursing Support

These funds may be used for recognition programs, nursing education, nursing research, scholarships, conferences, and speakers. The uses of this fund shall be flexible to meet the growing and broader demands of nursing practice at McKee Medical Center and Banner Fort Collins Medical Center.

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