About McKee Wellness Foundation

We actively support a community in pursuit of wellness

The goal of the McKee Wellness Foundation is to enable physical and mental wellness across Northern Colorado by helping to fill the gap between available resources and the needs of the community. We achieve this through supporting community wellness programs, hosting fundraising events for local projects and programs, and pursuing projects related to wellness in the community.

Everyone has his or her own pursuit when it comes to wellness in the community. It may be a single mom wanting to learn to prepare healthier meals for her children, a disabled veteran needing support to help him stay in his home, or an elderly widow hoping to get out for lunch and friendly conversation once in a while. At McKee Wellness Foundation, we want to help make pursuits like these a reality. 

History of the McKee Wellness Foundation: From McKee-centric to Community-centric

McKee Medical Center was built in 1976 on land donated by the McKee family as a local hospital in a growing community. Because of the extent of the local population increase, just a few years after its completion the hospital was already in need of funds to help provide capital improvements and new patient services. To help provide a mechanism to raise and manage those funds from the Loveland community, the McKee Medical Center Foundation was born.

As McKee Medical Center transitioned ownership in 2005 to Banner Health, one of the largest nonprofit health care systems in the country, the need for local fundraising for capital expenditures and ongoing patient services for the hospital diminished. That gave the Foundation the opportunity to expand its services beyond the hospital walls and evolve its brand to reflect this capability. In 2018, the Foundation officially became the McKee Wellness Foundation.

Today, the Foundation’s primary responsibilities are related to community wellness and the pursuit of health:

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