In our community, sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) occur at a rate of one per day, emphasizing the need for swift intervention. Immediate intervention, including calling 911, performing chest compressions, and utilizing the nearest defibrillator, can double the rate of survival for someone experiencing SCA.
Now in its 10th year, the HEARTSafe Community program is in a period of revival, led by the McKee Wellness Foundation in partnership with Thompson Valley EMS, Loveland Fire Rescue Authority, and Berthoud Fire. Over the next three years, the HEARTSafe Community program aims to place or replace 213 AEDs and train 3,000 more individuals to confidently intervene during medical emergencies, particularly in vulnerable populations and high-density areas. Future phases of the program are slated to include the incorporation of hemorrhage control kits and expanded First on the Scene (FOTS) training.
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