Community Support

Blue Star Fund

This fund bridges the gaps in health and wellness for the 23,000 veterans and their families in Northern Colorado. The fund offers a safety net for those who have given so much and allows us as a community to give back. Access to grant funds is available through grant partners.

  • Dental care
  • Mental health
  • Pain management
  • Medical services or devices
  • Co-pays
  • Prescriptions
  • Education
  • Training (physical, mental, and spiritual)
  • Housing support
  • Transportation
  • Other whole wellness needs

Heart Health Program

The Heart Health Program is a holistic approach to supporting the range of heart needs in patients and community members. Funds may be used in support of heart health programming for the community, facility, or staff. Funds may be direct or indirect support and may cover education, prevention, treatment, and/or recovery for patient, program, staff, or facility needs.

  • Equipment, capital projects, and McKee facility support
  • Educational materials, such as equipment, marketing collateral, or professional development
  • Space for classes for community or staff
  • Health fair space and materials
  • Patient equipment training
  • Patient diagnostic, screening, and lab test costs for patient or facility offset
  • Nutrition coaching costs, cooking classes, etc.
  • Capital campaigns
  • Tele-health support costs
  • Lifeline scholarships
  • Palliative care
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Mental health support
  • Insurance costs (co-pays, group costs, location, etc.)
  • Transition care

Heart Safe Community

The Heart Safe City initiative calls for placing AEDs in public gathering places throughout the city of Loveland. The goal is to place them in every school and as many businesses and public locations as possible to maximize their use in the case of a cardiac event.

  • Purchase of AEDs to donate to partners
  • Operational costs for the management of the program with community partners (TVEMS)
  • CPR training classes for the community and Thompson School District students
  • Materials to support training and marketing
  • Community outreach support and contractor time

Loveland Community Health Center (LCHC)

The Loveland Community Health Center is committed to providing quality, comprehensive family health care services to our community for at-risk and underserved populations. LCHC has multiple funds at the Mckee Wellness Foundation to support the various needs of the community. These include prescription assistance, dental support, diabetic prescription, and children.

The LCHC funds consist of one general unrestricted fund and four designated funds. Gifts to these funds are eligible for the enterprise zone tax credit.

  • General Fund:
  • 3rd POD capital expansion
  • Equipment
  • Other needs associated with the operations of LCHC
  • Dental Fund:
  • Capital expansion
  • Dentures
  • Children’s Fund:
  • Over-the-counter kits
  • Underinsured care costs
  • Uninsured care costs
  • Prescription Assistance and Diabetic Prescription Assistance:
  • Supplies to support wellness for diabetics
  • Prescriptions for diabetic needs
  • Home-care kits for pediatric patients
  • Prescription assistance

Memorial Events and Wellness Walk

This fund supports the Angel Event, the annual worldwide candlelight vigil held in recognition of National Children’s Memorial Day that honors children who have died. The fund also helps maintain the memorial, the tribute garden, and the wellness walk for community members.

  • Cleaning the angel statue
  • Event set up
  • Exterior cleanup
  • Event costs for the candlelight vigil: catering, candles, materials, printing, marketing
  • Support for event participants
  • Participant gifts
  • Pavers as memorials for the wellness walk
  • Adopting a tree or purchasing a new tree for the wellness walk as a memorial
  • Sign, deck, and gazebo maintenance and upgrades


These funds may be used for initiatives that related to increasing safety for event participants, staff, or patients visiting McKee Medical Center or Banner Fort Collins Medical Center.

  • Patient safety materials and initiatives.
  • Financial need: Patients qualify at or below 500% of the current federal poverty level and are not currently eligible for Medicaid or CICP support
  • Promotional material to support the improvement of patient safety.
  • Staff safety programs, materials, and equipment to ensure and improve the safety of staff in all clinical and non-clinical areas.
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