Medical or Clinical Support

Breast Center

This fund supports the McKee Breast Center, which addresses the breast health needs of women throughout Northern Colorado. The fund provides for capital needs, service support, provider support, and patient educational materials.

Cancer Center

This fund is intended to support needs for capital and operating expenses including, but not limited to, building, grounds, equipment, art, and furniture. All requests are intended to support ongoing patient care of the Cancer Center. Support of patients, staff, and the facility are equal pillars in need of attention for high quality care.

Clinical Support

The Clinical Support fund is intended to support the growth and services provided at McKee Medical Center through education, development, equipment, and improved processes.

Employee Gym (McKee and BFCMC)

This fund supports the initial construction and ongoing support for employee gym space at McKee and Banner Fort Collins Medical Center.

General (Unrestricted)

Unrestricted or undesignated funds comprise the area of greatest need. These are funds to which a donor has not specified their use. They may be used for the support of the Mckee Wellness Foundation’s nonprofit mission.

Heart Watchers

This fund supports the Heart Watchers program, a Phase III/IV cardiac rehabilitation program that exists to provide the Loveland-Berthoud area with a low-cost, medically supervised exercise and education program for persons at high risk for or diagnosed with heart disease. This long-standing Loveland program became part of McKee Medical Center in 1999 after operating independently for more than 20 years.

Kruger Fund

This fund, created from an endowment by the estate of Kathleen Kruger, is to be used for respiratory care and education.


The Lifeline Assistance Fund provides installation and monthly service fees to underinsured or uninsured low-income seniors who require Lifeline support to maintain their independence and continue to live at home. Lifeline, manufactured by Phillips, is an easy-to-use medical alert service designed to reduce the risks associated with living alone.

McKee Cares

This fund is dedicated to the support of McKee staff members and their families during unexpected, life-changing events. All requests for funds must be referrals by managers or other staff for an employee or colleague. McKee Cares is funded through the Employee Giving Campaign as a designated donation. This resource fund assists McKee Medical Center employees with confidential, critical, short-term needs. The one-time payments and support may be used to meet basic emergency needs of food, clothing, shelter, utilities, and other critical areas as appropriate. BFCMC employees may be considered as recipients on a case-by-case basis.

Prescription Assistance

The Prescription Assistance Fund helps low-income community members obtain chronic-care and transition medications. $500 annual patient maximum, but exceptions may be allowed.

Contact your Banner provider for more details on enrolling in prescription assistance.

Shelton Fund

This fund is a perpetual annual scholarship or grant that was endowed in honor of Helen Shelton.

Simulation Center

This fund supports the provider staff by maintaining a safe, educational environment for developing and practicing clinical skills and proficiency as well as enhancing teamwork opportunities to ensure improved patient care.

Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care fund supports the ongoing needs of maintaining and engaging the hospital chapel as well as the spiritual care department. In addition to facility support, the fund may provide funds and items to enhance patient care and support the pastoral fellowship program.

Stepping Stones

This fund supports Stepping Stones Adult Day Program, a service of McKee Medical Center that gives participants an opportunity to socialize, build friendships, and enjoy stimulating activities in a safe, caring environment. With individual activities tailored to meet the specific needs of each participant, Stepping Stones is a place where dignity, confidence, security, and independence are assured, giving participants a new level of freedom and enhancing their quality of life.

Sunshine Carts

There are three Sunshine Carts stocked with patient comfort items that are free for patients. The Foundation supplies the carts and volunteers deliver them to patient rooms. The Sunshine Cart program began in 1991 when a local donor decided to add a little sunshine to patient stays by delivering cookies and small gifts to rooms on holidays and other special occasions. The program has expanded to support the needs of patients during hospital stays by offering comfort items.

Women and Infants Services

This fund is a reallocation of Healthy Beginnings funds. It supports prenatal and infant care services.

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